4x4 Tyre Kits

The best choice for moving across loose or soft surfaces; e.g. sand, gravel and grass. Can be used on sealed surfaces but tyres will wear faster, compared to Road Tyres.


Road Tyre Kits

The best choice for moving across sealed surfaces such as concrete and bitumen.

BOS have responded to an overwhelming market demand for an economical mover that allows you to reposition your van or trailer EFFECTIVELY, EASILY and ERGONOMICALLY.


Utilising the patented BOS gearbox system, the compact BOS Econo Mover™ puts you in control and allows you to effortlessly move any trailer or van almost anywhere in either forward or reverse direction without the turning circle needed to accommodate a towing vehicle.

Slopes of up to 5% (1:20), and obstacles such as driveway gutters and garage slab lips are easily managed -

Unlike ratchet movers, you do not need to stoop to operate the BOS Econo Mover™; simply connect the handle or your drill to the gearbox and moving is made easy!


Choose between 4x4 or road Tyres, according to your needs.


Patent No. 2013200923         Copyright © 2018 BOS