3 Rib Long Jockey Unit Kit

Part Number: 473-003


Kit includes

  • 010-062 Swivel Base Plate (HDFR) Nylon
  • 020-003 Handle 12mm (HDFR) Nylon
  • 020-007 Bos 12mm Drill Attachment
  • 020-026 120mm Extension & Lynch Pin
  • 370-COVER Jockey Weather Cover


Optional Accessories

6in Standard Wheel

Temporarily unavailable

6in Single Offset Wheel


Temporarily unavailable

6in Double Offset Wheel


Temporarily unavailable

8in Double Offset Wheel


400kg Load Rating

Temporarily unavailable

120mm Pipe Extension


  • Extends the height of your jockey by a further 120mm
  • Effectively recovers the height lost when changing from a 6” wheel to a baseplate
  • Combine with other extensions for extra height
  • Includes 020-018 Quick Release Pin
  • Stainless Steel

Temporarily unavailable

BOS Lifting Strap


  • To add extra security while travelling
  • Lightweight

Temporarily unavailable

This product is currently unavailable.


  • Easy to lift your drawbar up using drill or handle
  • Longer travel option for higher drawbars
  • Add extra length with pipe extensions
  • Leave it on while you travel
  • Will fit most 50mm clamp systems
  • OR add a BOS mounting & 50mm clamp system to your RHS
  • 360×30° swivel base plate will adjust to uneven ground
  • Wide range of quality wheel options
  • Individual Unit Weight: 5.5kgs
  • Shipping Size: 60x 26x 16x 7.2kgs

Ideal For

  • All types of vans and trailers for stability
  • Ball weights of up to 1800kg
  • Larger vans and trailers that have no use for a wheel
  • Best suited for single clamps, or the bos clamping system