Part Number: 800-040

Kit Includes

  • Drive Input Handle
  • Bos 12mm Drill Attachment
  • 50mm Towball Mount
  • 120mm Pipe Extension
  • Drawbar Mount & brackets
  • Both ROAD & 4×4 tyres
  • Coupling Spanner
  • U Spanner

Ideal For

  • Single axle trailers and vans
  • Moving at home/storage areas in tight spaces with limited turning circle
  • Max. Load recommended: 2000kg gvm
  • Moving over soft or hard surfaces
  • Pushing uphill / pulling downhill (up to 1:20 slope)
  • Not suitable with a DO35 Hitch or other articulated couplings


  • Can be operated with a drill (or use the handle provided)
  • Easy to fit to 50mm Rigid Towball OR 75/100/125/150 x 50mm RHS
  • Can perform ‘zero turns’ in tight spaces
  • Detachable, so does not increase your GVM
  • Add extra reach with pipe extensions
  • Road & 4×4 tyres included—use what best suits your surface
  • Easy to go over gutters, garage slab lips etc.
  • Ergonomic design: stand upright and let the BOS do the work
  • Strong steel construction
  • Individual Unit Weight: 25kgs
  • Shipping Size: 60x 36x 71x 38kgs