683-008 Black Ops™ Welded Jockey Unit – Geared

Part Number: 683-008


Kit Includes

  • 350-001 BOS Swingaway Bracket 60mm
  • 020-003 Handle 12mm (HDFR) Nylon*
  • 020-007 Bos 12mm Drill Attachment
  • 370-COVER Jockey Weather Cover*

Ideal For:

  • Moving across sealed surfaces
  • Mid to heavy-weight vans and trailers where relocation on the wheel is required
  • Ball weights of up to 400kg
  • Highly recommended for single and double-axle vans with movers installed to wheels
  • Also very responsive for pushing vans and trailers across sealed surfaces using manpower
  • Best suited for mounting to 75/100/125/150mmh x 50mmw frame



  • Versatile manual handle or gearbox + handle option
  • BOS engineering offers smooth manual operation, even with heavy loads
  • Easy to lift your drawbar up using drill or handle
  • Compact length requires less space on frame when horizontal
  • Wheel position lock prevents risk of ground contact under tow
  • Individual Unit Weight: 12.6kgs
  • Shipping Size: 70x 26x 19x 21kgs